About this new website

Our new website is the result of a new collaboration.

Thanks in part to the idea and efforts of Dan Wassink and his Dan’s Tutorials enterprise, MBSmug is happy to announce our new website! This site is designed to be easy to use, from both the administrator and user perspective. 

Features include:

  • New from around the web. The site automatically pulls in the latest news from various Apple sources, including Apple! This makes our site your first place to go for Apple news!
  • Member site. The site is designed as a membership site, meaning we can have exclusive content and make it exclusively available to our members!
  • Events. We can include our meetings and events in the site and make it available for members only.
  • The site is responsive. This means it looks good on any device! 

We have found this collaboration to be a very helpful one to have a presence online with either a small staff or requiring less time or effort.

Welcome to the new home of the MBSmug, the joint website of the Saginaw and Midland Mac User Groups!

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