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Dan's Tutorials

Numbers on the Mac for Beginners 2024

Dive into the world of Numbers on your Mac with our comprehensive tutorial that's designed to turn you into a spreadsheet pro. You'll learn ...

Dan's Tutorials

Numbers for Beginners: Learn Apple’s Spreadsheets with EASE!

Effortlessly Organize Your Data with Numbers! Welcome to my latest class, “Numbers for Beginners,” where we will demystify Apple’s powerful spreadsheet software and make ...

Dan's Tutorials

Learn Cut, Copy, and Paste on Mac

In this video, you'll master the essential Mac skills of Cut, Copy, and Paste to enhance your productivity and transform your workflow!

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Dan's Tutorials

Is Your Mac Protected? Find out with Pareto Security!

Get the inside scoop on enhancing your Mac's security with Pareto Security in this tutorial. From setup to troubleshooting, we cover everything you need ...

Dan's Tutorials

Manage Message Conversations on the iPhone – 4 Tips to help you!

Learn how to effectively manage your conversations in Messages in this video. From pinning important chats to marking conversations as read or unread, this ...

Dan's Tutorials

Mission Control and Spaces Presentation

Improve your multitasking skills on your Mac by mastering Mission Control and Spaces! In this video from my presentation, you'll learn about these powerful ...

Dan's Tutorials

Safari Profiles on the iPad

Discover the power of Safari Profiles on your iPad and how they can revolutionize your browsing experience. Learn how to create, customize, and manage ...

Dan's Tutorials

Ask Me Anything Webinar

This AMA video covers rumors about the Apple Ring, window management across multiple monitors, stopping music when connecting to a car, monitor selection tips, ...

Dan's Tutorials

Safari Profiles on the Mac Simplified

In this video, you'll discover the power of Safari Profiles on your Mac and how they can revolutionize your browsing experience.

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Dan's Tutorials

Discover How to Optimize Your iPad’s Storage

In this tutorial, you'll learn practical strategies to optimize storage on your iPad. Discover how to manage your apps, remove unnecessary data, and maximize ...

Dan's Tutorials

11 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Mac’s Desktop Experience

Discover how to optimize and personalize your Mac's desktop with 11 easy and effective methods. Learn to use features like Desktop Stacks, Folders on ...

Dan's Tutorials

Ever Wondered How to Rename Mac Files? Top 7 Tips Here!

In this tutorial, we explore various methods to rename files on your Mac for improved efficiency in file management. This includes using the Finder, ...

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