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Can Force Click Boost Your Productivity on your Mac? Find Out How!

This tutorial reveals the secrets of Force Touch, a powerful but often overlooked feature on MacBook's trackpad. Learn how to disable it for simpler ...

Dan's Tutorials

Discover the Apple Vision Pro with Dan Wassink – AMA Part 1

In this video, join me as we explore the future of immersive technology with Apple Vision Pro. We'll delve into its top features and ...

Dan's Tutorials

Discover Apple Vision Pro Apps – An Ask My Anything Presentation

Explore the expansive world of Apple Vision Pro apps in my newest video, and see how they can transform your everyday interactions into extraordinary ...

Dan's Tutorials

Need help Organizing Your Mac? Master Smart Folders Today!

Smart Folders on your Mac can automatically organize your files by type, date, tag, and more. They make finding and sorting files easy, so ...

Dan's Tutorials

Your Apple Tech Questions Answered in this Ask Me Anything

Join me in this AMA as I delve into whether AppleCare+ is worth it for Apple Vision Pro and share insights on iPhone's Stolen ...

Dan's Tutorials

3 Tips on How to Block Annoying Texts on iPhone

Learn how to block or filter unwanted texts on your iPhone with this video. Say goodbye to distractions and take control of your Messages ...

Dan's Tutorials

Exploring Simple Shortcuts – An Online Presentation

Join me for a journey into the world of Apple shortcuts in my webinar, "Simplify Your Life: Powerful Shortcuts for Mac, iPad, and iPhone." ...

Dan's Tutorials

Exploring Setapp: Your Gateway to Over 240 Mac and iOS Apps

This video guide provides a comprehensive overview of Setapp, an alternative app store offering access to over 240 apps through a single subscription. From ...

Dan's Tutorials

Interactive Q&A: Your Tech Questions Answered (Ask Me Anything)

In this informative AMA, I address a range of topics from erasing hard drives to different USB cable types. I also delve into iCloud ...

Dan's Tutorials

Create a Grocery List App in Minutes on the iPhone!

In today's video, we're going to dive into how you can create this app-like experience for your grocery list on your iPhone. Get ready ...

Dan's Tutorials

Enable Display Zoom for larger Icons & Bigger Text on your iPhone

Struggling to read text on your iPhone or wish for larger icons? Discover how to activate and enjoy a bigger and better viewing experience ...

Dan's Tutorials

Ask Me Anything Webinar from 1/4/24

In this enlightening AMA video, join me as I dive into various topics such as malware protection, device syncing, backups, and more, providing valuable ...

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