Tip: Reform wayward Apple News links (Member Post)

Tip: Reform wayward Apple News links – Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

By Jason Snell

On iOS, translate an Apple News URL into a real one via Shortcut.

A Six Colors subscriber writes:

If you have an Apple News link, is there a way to get the internet source link from it?

Apple News has this annoying habit of refusing to generate proper links for sharing. Instead, every link points to apple.news, which redirects Apple users to the News app and everyone else to a preview page. If you like those links opening directly in News, that’s fine—but if you share a link with someone else, you’re also advertising your use of Apple News and not supplying the real web source address of the story. These links can be especially annoying in some contexts because they obscure the source site and other details (like the keywords in the headline) that people might use to decide if the link is worth a click.

If you’re using Apple News on the Mac, you can find the source by choosing Open in Safari from the File menu, or choosing Safari from the Share menu, then copying the link from Safari.…

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