The state of my Apple hardware (Member Post)

I’m used to having an Apple product to covet.

It’s a little weird right now, having just been through an Apple event, and having WWDC around the corner that there’s nothing that I want right now. Sure, there are things that I’d be happy to have were some magical fairy to bestow one on me, but as attractive as the latest versions are, it’s simply not something I need or, even, really desire.

To be frank, I chalk a lot of it up to the pandemic. Over the last year, my routines have codified—calcified even, perhaps—to the point that all of the things that I do every day are, weirdly, pretty much addressed by the hardware I already have.

The MacBook Air

MacBook Air
The MacBook Air: It’s everywhere I want to be.

I spend most of my mornings on my MacBook Air at this point, because it’s the most comfortable machine for wherever I am in my house.…

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