People chief tells Apple employees to talk to their managers about concerns

Apple’s people chief Deirdre O’Brien has reportedly spoken to Apple employees via a video message, outlining how they can go about voicing concerns about issues like their rate of pay.

Pay inequality is a hot topic within Apple right now, with the company said to be shutting down pay surveys set up by employees. Now, O’Brien has told employees to report any pay issues to their manager via a new video shared with teams before Labor Day.

MacRumors has seen the video, reporting on what was said:

Now, I want you to hear this directly from me. First, if you ever have a concern about your pay at Apple, please talk to your manager or your people business partner. And second, if you ever want to report a concern about your work environment, please come and talk to us, please. And know that we have a confidential process to thoroughly investigate in a way that treats everyone with dignity and respect.

However, some Apple employees have already pointed out that speaking to their manager is an approach that has so far not worked, with some simply saying that pay rates are “within range.” That response leaves employees with little concrete information from which to work.

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While the AppleToo campaign — one that is designed to collect issues raised by current and former Apple employees — is not mentioned by name, O’Brien did reportedly go on to say that the company is “deeply committed” to ensuring people are paid according to industry standards.

We use industry-standard methodology, and we have a dedicated team of experts that runs a comprehensive process to monitor and maintain pay equity. And we partner with an independent third party that analyzes our compensation each year. If this work identifies a gap, we close it. And our approach is considered best in class.

Apple will be hoping that this ongoing situation doesn’t detract from a host of upcoming product announcements including the new iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7. I’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update with a statement if and when one is received.

The upcoming iPhone 13 is set to be the best iPhone yet, but it looks set to be announced against a backdrop of employee unrest despite this latest video message.

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