Here’s how to get every Pokémon Unite skin available (so far)

Pokemon Unite SkinsSource: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Unite is yet another Pokémon game on Switch that proves that nothing is cuter than a dressed-up pocket monster. The game currently has a roster of 20 Pokémon to choose from and several of them have alternative skins that let them put on different clothes and accessories. I mean seriously, who can look at that pirate Cinderace or the summertime Snorlax and not smile? There are currently 16 available skins. Here’s what they look like and how you unlock them.

All Pokémon Unite skins

There are currently nine Pokémon skins that you can acquire. However, they cannot all be unlocked using the same method.

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Pokémon Unite Skins Coming soon

Pokemon Unite 5 Character Team Orange

Pokemon Unite 5 Character Team OrangeSource: The Pokémon Company

Rest assured several more Pokémon skins will become available as time goes on. Here are a few that are rumored to be coming soon.

  • Bonfire Style: Charizard
  • Fashion Style: Pikachu
  • Bandit Style: Lucario
  • Cook Style: Mr. Mime
  • Bonfire Style: Talonflame

Dressed to impress

Nothing’s quite as fun as showing off a sweet skin in an online game. Some of the ones in Pokémon Unite can only be acquired by spending in-game currency while others can be unlocked by completing tasks or purchasing the battle pass. Grab your favorites while you can.

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