Apple saving big health upgrades for future Apple Watch, says new report

Apple Watch Series 6 Apple Watch SeSource: Daniel Bader / iMore

A new report says that beyond the rumored Apple Watch Series 7, the company is planning major health tracking upgrades for an Apple Watch of the future.

A new WSJ report states:

Apple Inc. is working on new health-related features for its smartwatch, including a tool to tell users when their blood pressure is increasing and a thermometer to help with fertility planning, according to people familiar with the plans and internal company documents.

According to WSJ, fertility monitoring and improved heart rate monitoring could come as soon as next year, so whilst the next Apple Watch could well be the best Apple Watch to date, you might actually be more interested in a future version, the report continues:

Beyond next year, Apple wants its smartwatch to be able to detect sleep apnea, provide medical guidance when it senses low blood oxygen levels and, perhaps one day, spot diabetes, according to the documents and some of the people.

The Wall Street Journal doesn’t usually engage in leaking Apple’s future plans and notes the usual caveats stating that timings of the plans could change, or that the features could be scrapped altogether. One noted new feature Apple reportedly wanted to release next year, high blood pressure monitoring still needs work. A recent report had claimed that the feature might actually be present this year, but this has since been corrected by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. WSJ reports that Apple is also working on a feature that could one day help the watch detect diabetes.

Apple will reportedly unveil the new Apple Watch Series 7 alongside the iPhone 13 at a virtual event later this month.

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