WWDC 2021: New App Store Features Coming in iOS, iPadOS 15

By Stephen Hackett

When iOS and iPadOS 15 launch later this year, the App Store will have new tools for developers to optimize their product pages to better stand out in the busy marketplace.

The first tool to do this is called the custom product page, which will let developers market their app differently to different sets of users. Each version of the product page can have a different set of videos, screenshots and text, and each one comes with its own unique URL for sharing.

App Store in iOS 15

In App Analytics, developers will be able to see which page performs best, giving them data to better reach potential customers in the store. The backend will provide both retention data and average proceeds each custom product page.

Each app can have up to 35 different custom product pages, so developers will be able to go wild if they are so inclined.

The other addition to the App Store is product page optimization, which will let developers set up and run automatic A/B testing on their pages to see what works best for them and their app. Each test can have up to three options, and developers can set what percentage of users will see a given option. These tests have to go through App Review.

The iOS App Store is a big place, and it’s hard to stand out. With these new tools, Apple is hoping that developers will be able to manage their product pages more effectively. I don’t think this was at the top of anyone’s App Store wishlist for 2021, but I am very interested to see how developers will use this once it launches.

[Stephen Hackett is the author of 512 Pixels and co-founder of Relay FM.]

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