Who needs AirPods when you can get Apple’s noise cancelling for under $100

AirPods are brilliant – but did you know that Beats use the same internal components as Apple’s ubiquitous little white buds? These Beats Studio Buds are a cheaper way of getting AirPods Pro, in a way – and with $50 off at Amazon (opens in new tab), they can now be had for less than a pair of Apple’s AirPods 2. This most recent price drop brings them back in line with their previous lowest price from Amazon Prime Day.

Beats Studio Buds $50 off

The days of the ubiquitous and slightly cheap feeling Beats are long behind us, with the current lineup being made and designed by Apple. They still have the traditional Beats sound signature – lots and lots of bass – but Apple has rounded it out and made it a lot more palatable. These little buds, the Beats Studio Buds, are the Beats version of the AirPods Pro, and while they feature a slightly different chip inside, they retain some of the same cool features.

There’s one-touch pairing to make connecting them to your phone a doddle, and then touch controls on the side of the buds to change volume, skip tracks and toggle noise canceling. While they don’t have the AirPods Pro ‘find my’ tracking or any iCloud integration, they still retain enough features to be worthy contenders.

If you would rather have a pair of Apple’s AirPods, then we’ve found all the best AirPods deals and sales for you.

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