Universal Electronics’ alternative Apple TV remote is finally available

Universal Electronics Apple Tv RemoteSource: Universal Electronics

Perhaps the most enticing alternative Apple TV remote is here, but it’s only available for Deutsche Telekom customers.

In a press release, Deutsche Telekom announced that it is now offering the voice-enabled Apple TV 4K remote control that has been designed specifically to work with cable companies.

Deutsche Telekom is offering customers access to one of the most revolutionary TV experiences available, featuring advanced voice search and control capabilities, with Apple TV 4K with its MagentaTV service. The remote was designed with consumers in mind and packs an impressive array of features while seamlessly integrating with Deutsche Telekom’s TV offerings. With the push of a button, the remote allows users to jump directly to MagentaTV’s electronic program guide and access Siri for voice control. It also provides backlighting for an easier user experience.

Steve Gutman, UEI’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Subscription Broadcast, said that Deutsche Telekom is one of the first companies to offer its new remote.

“It was a great experience working with Deutsche Telekom to provide its customers with the Apple TV remote … DT is one of the first providers to offer this remote and we look forward to enhancing the television experience for consumers across the globe with our Apple TV remote, one of our most exciting new offerings.”

Below are all of the features for the remote:

  • Advanced Search & Control: Customers can ask Siri to find and access content across live TV and streaming apps*
  • Enhanced Controls for Live TV: Dedicated program guide and channel keys provide easy and instant access to key live TV viewing functions
  • Whole Entertainment System Control: Modeless support and universal control of Apple TV, as well as televisions and audio devices from any brand or manufacturer
  • Reliable and Secure Communication: Integrated design with UE878, UEI’s reliable and highly integrated BLE chipset optimized for voice control, and Apple’s MFi authentication chip for secure connectivity with Apple TV
  • Premium Fit and Feel: Elegant and ergonomic form factor with hard-capped keys on metal domes for enhanced tactile feedback
  • Automated Backlit Keys: Accelerometer and ambient light sensor to automatically backlight keys in low light environments when the remote is picked up or moved
  • MVPD Branding: Service providers can add their own company brand on the remote

The remote was originally announced in November of 2020. Many mistook it as a potential successor of the Siri Remote from Apple at first, but that was quickly put to rest. Apple, of course, did release a new Siri Remote with the latest version of the Apple TV 4K earlier this year.

Universal Electronic’s new remote isn’t the only programmable one available for the Apple TV. If you’d like to see what else is out there, check out our list of the Best Remotes for Apple TV in 2020.

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