Those new MacBook Pros might be late, but it’ll be worth the wait

The rumors of an impending MacBook Pro refresh continue to swirl as we head into iPhone 13 season — but the most recent of those rumors suggest that those new machines might not be quite as impending as we had hoped. But even if we have to wait a little longer than we had hoped — don’t worry. It’ll be worth the wait.

Some people had suggested that the new mini-LED LED MacBook Pro refresh could be with us within weeks. But that now seems increasingly unlikely, with a new report pointing to November as a potential window. But don’t worry. Again, it’ll be worth the wait.

Sure, some people might have MacBook Pro money burning a hole in their pocket, itching to get their next machine. But, of course, rumors of delays are never fun — although it’s impossible to delay something that hasn’t been announced yet! — but these things happen. And don’t worry, like I said, it’ll be worth the wait.

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The new MacBook Pro will be worth the wait because of what it promises to bring to the table. This will be the biggest refresh the MacBook Pro has seen in some time, and not only will it look new and be faster than ever, but it will reportedly see the return of some big features that have been AWOL for far too long, too.

If what we’ve been hearing turns out to be accurate, these new MacBook Pros will come in 14-inch and 16-inch configurations, meaning the smaller screen is now bigger thanks to, presumably, smaller bezels. That’s always a good thing.

Next, we have performance. Rumors of an Apple-designed A1X chip come with murmurings of huge amounts of RAM — up to 64GB, in fact. Ten cores, eight of them the high-performance variety. That sounds like a beast of a machine, and we’re even told we should expect to be able to get the same specifications in both machines, too.

I heard you like ports, too? These notebooks are expected to have them. And not just those USB-C ports you’re used to your MacBook Pro having. These refreshed machines are set to sport HDMI ports and even an SD card slot for your camera. Some form of MagSafe could also in the cards, depending on who you listen to.

Then there is the change that started these rumors in the first place — that display. Apple’s switch to mini-LED technology should allow for thinner bezels, improved brightness, and stronger contrast performance. All things that are a good idea in a screen, especially on a pro-level notebook. The screen refresh alone could be enough to make these the best MacBooks ever.

What else? There’s been talk of a new chassis design that could mean a flatter look. Oh, and Apple is thought to be ditching the Touch Bar this time out. It’s unlikely to be missed.

The only potential thing that could put a downer on proceedings now is price. We’ve no idea how much these will cost, but we can at least harbor hopes that prices won’t bounce up with this refresh without the costly Intel chips inside. We’ll need to wait to be sure, though.

Wait until when? The latest intel says towards the end of October or in November, which does seem more Mac-like than the previous hopes of a September window. So, no, nobody likes to wait for a new computer. But good things come to those who wait!

And don’t worry. It’ll be worth the wait.

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