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The original HomePod is no more – Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

The original HomePod has been discontinued. Matthew Panzarino has the death notice:

After 4 years on the market, Apple has discontinued its original HomePod. It says that it will continue to produce and focus on the HomePod mini, introduced last year. The larger HomePod offered a beefier sound space but the mini has been very well received and clearly accomplishes many of the duties that the larger version was tasked with. The sound is super solid (especially for the size) and it offers access to Siri, Apple’s assistant feature.

I’ve got two. And you know what? The HomePod sounds great. But Siri is a constant frustration, the on-top display lacks visibility, and lately I’ve found myself playing Apple Music tracks through the Amazon Echo Show in my kitchen rather than wrestle with the HomePod.

I hope Apple keeps trying in this category, beyond the HomePod mini. There’s more to be done here. How about a HomePod Theater?

—Linked by Jason Snell

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