The new Apple TV 4K is better, but still an imperfect product ↦

Joe Rosensteel, podcast host, VFX artist, and Apple TV connoisseur, has an excellent and in-depth look at the recently revised Apple TV 4K, including the new Siri Remote:

I can confidently say that, even with very little time using the device, it’s a solid improvement over what came before. It’s missing a few things like “Mea Culpa” etched in the back, but it’s the remote that should have been released in 2015. How the other remote escaped from Apple’s campus, and ended up being manufactured for almost six years should really be the subject of a true crime podcast.

I am still using an Apple TV HD (as it’s now styled, though not when I first bought it), but Joe’s comments are, as usual, on the money. There’s a lot to like in the Apple TV, and yet it’s still too expensive and, in many ways, doesn’t deliver on that premium pricing.

I did buy a new Siri Remote to replace the old one that came with my Apple TV, and while I am pretty positive on it, there are some places that it could use improvement. (I’m disappointed, for one, that the power button can’t be used to turn on and off other devices via IR, such as my receiver.) But overall, it’s clearly an improvement.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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