The Back Page: Color me impressed (Member Post)

Colors have returned! The sleek new 24-inch iMac brings a design awash in six different colors, evoking the classic fruit flavors of the iMac G3.

For a company that has spent the last decade mainly focusing on sucking all the color out of its product line-up, from the Mac to the iPhone to even its classic six-color logo, it’s a welcome change. Honestly, for years I’ve been hearing financial analysts ask for more color on the quarterly results, and I figured it was just jargon, but what they were really asking for was more color.

So, thinking ahead, I’ve come up with a handful of other Apple products that I’d like to see get the same kind of vibrant hues as the iMac and the recent iPhone 12. Don’t hold back, Apple—the time is now. Color all the things!

Magic Trackpads

More Macs: Don’t stop at the iMac, Apple. Every single machine in your longest running lineup deserves to be drenched in color.…

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