Study finds US users now watch more TikTok than they do YouTube

TikTok continues its meteoric rise with the news that US users spend more time watching its short videos than they do watching anything on YouTube.

The news comes after a study was carried out by App Annie. According to that report, those in the United States spend more than 24 hours per month watching TikTok videos. That number falls to just 22 hours and 40 minutes for YouTube, as noted by The Verge.

However, these figures only include US users who have Android phones — throw iPhones into the mix and the numbers could be even more staggering.

According to the report, YouTube fell behind TikTok in the United States in June of this year, while those in the UK switched in May of last year. in fact, UK users spend almost 26 hours per month watching TikTok. That number is just 16 hours for YouTube.

TikTok’s users now spend more time each month watching content than YouTube users, according to a report from app analytics firm App Annie. In the US, ByteDance’s app first overtook YouTube in August last year, and as of June 2021 its users watched over 24 hours of content per month, compared with 22 hours and 40 minutes on Google’s video platform. In the UK the difference is even more stark: TikTok overtook YouTube in May last year and users there now reportedly watch almost 26 hours of content a month, compared to less than 16 on YouTube.

App Annie thinks that the reasons for TikTok’s newfound dominance is its short-form videos and live streaming. Google’s YouTube is now offering its own take on that via its Shorts, so it’s clear someone inside the company is paying attention already. TikTok is already one of the best iPhone apps in terms of short-form content. Can YouTube compete? Time will tell.

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