Safari is the Loneliest Browser (Member Post)

A few years ago, I switched from Chrome back to Safari, wanting a more fluid experience between my Macs and iOS devices. While I now enjoy having my bookmarks, tabs and history everywhere I go — as long as iCloud is working — there is one Chrome feature that I wish Safari would swipe: multiple profiles.

Profile Switching in Chrome

In short, this feature is designed to let you have multiple instances of Chrome, all with their own settings, bookmarks, history and more. This comes with a bunch of obvious potential benefits.

If you want to use Chrome for both personal and work browsing, creating a separate profile for each means you can be logged into the same website with multiple accounts but never accidentally be in the wrong one. As someone who uses Gmail for both personal and work email, this can be a real lifesaver. You can also keep work bookmarks and history separate, keeping your personal data nice and tidy.…

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