Report: Home app to finally let you set timers on HomePod ↦

9to5Mac’s Filipe Espósito reports that iOS 14.7 will bring a feature long-awaited by me and many other HomePod owners:

With this new version of iOS, users will be able to set timers on the HomePod using the Home app on the iPhone, iPad, and possibly the Mac as well.

This remains one of my biggest annoyances with the Home app and HomePod, which currently displays alarms set but not timers.

Interestingly, I think part of this feature is already sort of in iOS. I noticed a few weeks back that when I set a pasta timer, it briefly showed up in the “card” that displayed what my HomePod mini was playing. The problem was, one I dismissed that interface, I could never find it again. Fortunately, I did capture a screenshot (right).

It’s also worth noting that this at least seems to suggest that Apple is continuing its investment in the HomePod line, even if the full-size smart speaker has been discontinued.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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