Philips Hue release, Eve’s Thread update, VOCOlinc is alive on HomeKit Insider

On the latest HomeKit Insider podcast episode, Philips Hue releases a huge array of new hardware and software, Eve updates the Eve Thermo, and VOCOlinc shows signs of life.

The biggest news in the past week in the smart home world is the dizzying number of new products and software updates that Philips Hue has announced. There is a smattering of new bulbs, several new lights like updated Signe models, and new fixtures. The company also revealed a partnership with Spotify to synchronize your lights with your music.

Eve has also issued a new update to its smart radiator valve, the Eve Thermo, that adds support for Thread. This joins many other Eve products including the Eve Door & Window, Eve Energy, and more.

Lastly, during the preceding episode of HomeKit Insider, we cast doubt on whether VOCOlinc was still around. Its website had gone offline and products were hard to come by.

Since the last episode, we’ve heard back from the company who has confirmed they are still kicking. The company cites the ongoing chip shortage as the primary reason for its silence.

Listener questions

Our first question this week was from Stephen himself. Last week he asked for listener feedback on how best to wire his house with ethernet and we got several responses.

Derek asked us how privacy works with HomeKit Secure Video cameras and why some cameras โ€” like those from Eve โ€” have a companion app while some such as Logitech’s don’t.

Simon queried whether or not it made sense to replace his Sonos speakers with HomePod minis or if it would work to just add them to his setup.

Finally, Sean asked if it is possible to trigger a low battery alert from his Arlo cameras.

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