MagSafe in a USB-C World (Member Post)

When the first MacBook Pro was announced in 2006, it was better than the PowerBook G4 is a myriad of ways: it was way faster, promised to run cooler, included a camera for video chats and — of course — included an amazing new charging technology that made it to the top of Apple’s “Design” webpage for the machine:

MacBook Pro Design Webpage
From, via the Wayback Machine

Like many of Apple’s best features, the idea was so simple. Instead of a connector that had to plug into the side of the machine, this one was simply held on by magnets. This would protect countless Mac notebooks from repair after their power cords were tripped over by a pet or yanked out by a careless child.

MagSafe was introduced to great applause, and it quickly worked it way into the hearts of Mac users the world over. It showed up on the 13-inch MacBook a few months after the MacBook Pro was introduced, and was even present on the LED Cinema Display that came out in 2008.…

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