Mac OS X turns 20

By Jason Snell

a bunch of OS X magazine covers
So many pages on this operating system over the years.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Mac OS X. I wrote a bit about it in my Macworld column this week, and also put together a little Mac OS X timeline.

I’ve written a lot about Mac OS X over the years. Compiling that timeline reminded me of that. I was a features editor at Macworld when Apple began shipping OS X precursors, and so I edited most of our early coverage. Beginning with Mac OS X 10.1, I wrote most of Macworld’s big feature stories covering each release.

I’ve lived in the same house since 1999, so I have spent many springs and summers sitting out in my yard under our redwood tree writing and editing articles about Mac OS X, OS X, and now macOS.

How many? This many:

Wow, that’s a lot of operating-system releases. Here’s to the next uncountable number of them.

(While I wrote shorter reviews for Macworld, John Siracusa was always reviewing OS X at length for Ars Technica. Here’s a list of all his reviews.)

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