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John Voorhees reviews the Twelve South HoverBar Duo:

There is no shortage of iPad stands. Search for one on Amazon, for instance, and you’ll be met with page after page of results. Most stands are unremarkable, with little that distinguishes one from another.

Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo is different, though. The black aluminum and plastic stand has two articulating hinges with a clamp for your iPad that connects to the stand’s arm with a ball joint. The stand also rotates side-to-side at its base. The design, which is reminiscent of an attractive, modern desk lamp, provides a broader range of motion than most stands, making it useful in more scenarios. As a result, I’ve found myself using the HoverBar Duo far more than any stand I’ve tried before.

I bought one of these and feel I need to use it a while longer before reviewing it, but my initial reactions match John’s. This is a heavy, solid stand that is made better by being so adjustable. I like it so far. I am looking forward to using it more, including its clamp-mount option, assuming I can find somewhere to use it in that configuration.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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