SMUG December Annual Christmas Party
MIAMUG December - Annual Christmas Party
MIAMUG November - Latest MacOS - Gary Rosenzweig
SMUG November 2022 Q & A Meeting
SMUG October Monthly Membership Meeting
MIAMUG October - TBD
SMUG Sept. 2022 Q & A Meeting
MIAMUG September - TBD
SMUG JULY 2022 Q & A Meeting
MIAMUG July - iPhone Photography & Video by Rich Weiler
MIAMUG June - Health Apps - Bruce Mitchell & Tony Crawford
SMUG JUNE 2022 Q & A Meeting
MIAMUG May – Apple Maps by Dale Stephan
SMUG May meeting
MIAMUG April - Apple Pages by Chita Hunter
MIAMUG March - DropBox & Google Drive by Ritchie Clayton
SMUG March 2022 Q&A + website tour
SMUG/MIAMUG February - MacCamp
SMUG January 2022 - Using "The Cloud" by Dana Haynes & Friends
MIAMUG January 2022 - AirPod Mini, AirTags, iPhone 13 Pro Max by Dale Stephan
COMBINED December 2021 Annual Christmas Party! with Jeopardy Game
MIAMUG July 2021 - Apple TV by Jim Corsica
MIAMUG June 2021 - iMazing - Introduction to Local iOS Data Management by Gregorio Zanon
MIAMUG April 2021 - Learn How to Keep Older Devices Useful by Mike PJ
MIAMUG March 2021 - How to Maintain Your Privacy and Security Online by Josh Summers
MIAMUG January 2021 - Sharing Emergency Information with Your Survivors by Norm Kaufman
MIAMUG January 2021 - Calendar Apps by Dale Stephan
MIAMUG September 2020 - Making a Keynote Travel Photo Book by Chita Hunter
MIAMUG August 2020 - Email & Contacts by Dale Stephan
MIAMUG July 2020 - DuckDuckGo by Dale Stephan
MIAMUG June 2020 - VHS to Digital presented by Rich Weiler
MIAMUG May 2020 - My Favorite App presented by the Board
MIAMUG April 2020 - Cutting the Cord presented by Jim Chilton
MIAMUG October 2020 - Apple Silicon by Mike PJ

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