DoDonPachi Resurrection HD+ blasts onto iPhone and iPad via Apple Arcade

DoDonPachi Resurrection HD is back in the App Store, but now it’s called DoDonPachi Resurrection HD+ and is available for free thanks to Apple Arcade. Assuming you have a subscription, of course.

DoDonPachi Resurrection HD+ is the sequel to the hugely popular shooter “DoDonPachi Blissful Death(DAI-OU-JOU),” and sees players “control a ship armed with a hyper cannon to blast their way through waves of enemies in an action-packed experience.”

Check out this YouTube video for a glimpse of what’s to come.

Notable features include:

The unique sliding maneuvering just with Smartphone.

Controls adapted to the iPhone feature slide controls for comfortable play! Dash and weave through Bullet Heaven!


Two fully-featured game modes: Smartphone Mode, an exclusive adaptation tailored to the iPhone/iPad portable format, and Arcade Mode, a port of the arcade shooter classic.


And those who are just starting out. Practice Modes are also included for learning the stages!


Pause the game and shake your phone up for a mysterious? hidden BGM track!

“Hidden Ship in Smartphone Mode”
The True Last Boss of Dodonpachi Resurrection, Hibachi can be selected in Smartphone Mode!

Gamers can download the new release from the App Store right now. It’s free so long as you are an Apple Arcade subscriber.

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Game on!

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