Apple’s VP of developer relations pushes for greater diversity and more in new interview

Apple’s Vice President of Developer Relations for the App Store recently spoke at a Female Founders meeting who have released apps for iPhone, iPad, and more, where she dropped hints as to what WWDC may offer.

In an interview with The Independent (opens in new tab), Prescott stated that WWDC 2023, being held from June 5, would include “new features, new capabilities, new ways to connect with Apple, new ways to get answers”.

This appearance coincided with the launch of Apple’s new campus at Battersea Power Station in London, where its employees will be housed there to work on a variety of projects.

Alongside this, some developers were also there as part of the App Store Foundations program (opens in new tab), which offers support to other developers wanting to bring out and improve their apps for Apple’s devices.

The hype for WWDC has begun

WWDC 2023

(Image credit: Apple)

With almost a month to go until WWDC 2023 begins, we’ve got plenty to look forward to, if the rumors are anything to go by. From the Health app allegedly arriving on iPadOS 17, to better Lock Screen improvements in iOS 17, a big redesign coming to watchOS 10, and of course, the rumored VR headset, there could be something for everyone who owns an Apple product.

But these are just a small part of what makes Apple’s developer events special each year – it’s also the representation of its developers, and the company knows it.

From Luna (opens in new tab), a health and fitness-focused app for teenagers, to Onoco (opens in new tab), a baby-tracking app, a few developers were present at this talk with Prescott to push the positive narrative that progress in Diversity for women in leadership positions is growing, and rightly so.

Luna co-founder Jo Goodhall said in the article about how initiatives like Apple are championing to help the cause. “It’s the kind of exposure that we could never pay for.”

When you consider all of this, it feels as though WWDC this year is going to be one to remember, and not just for the rumored VR headset that may finally be announced at the event.

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