Apple’s record second quarter in charts

By Jason Snell

On Wednesday Apple announced the results of its fiscal second quarter of 2021 and the numbers are staggering. It’s Apple’s best non-holiday quarter ever, with all its major product categories way up versus the year-ago quarter.

Mac revenue was $9.1B, up 70% versus last year’s second quarter, and seems to be an all-time record for the Mac. iPad revenue was $7.8B, up 79% versus the year-ago quarter. iPhone revenue, which is typically pretty sleepy in the fiscal second quarter, was up 66% to $47.9B.

The flashy new revenue lines, Services and Wearables, turned in (relatively) modest jumps: Services made $16.9B, up 27%, and Wearables made $7.8B, up 25%. So modest.

Overall Apple’s revenue was $89.6B, which is only a couple billion less than its then-record quarter during the holidays of calendar-year 2019. It’s the third-largest Apple revenue quarter ever. Profit was $23.6B, making the last two financial quarters Apple’s two most profitable quarters ever.

Apple quarterly revenue by category pie chart

More analysis to come; in the meantime, come for the pie chart but stay for the many bar charts.

Mac Revenue
Year-over-year Mac revenue change
Year-over-year iPad revenue change
iPad revenue
iPhone revenue
Year-over-year iPhone revenue change
Services revenue
Year-over-year Services revenue change
Year-over-year Wearables revenue change
Total Apple revenue
Total Apple profit
Year-over-year total revenue change
Percentage revenue by product line
Apple regional revenue (four-quarter average)
Apple regional year-over-year growth
Year-over-year Greater China revenue change

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