Apple Music Classical support comes to Apple’s music ID app

A new app update means that the Apple-owned music ID app Shazam can now integrate properly with the Apple Music Classical app for the first time.

The new update is available as Shazam 15.33 and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Listen up

Shazam has long been a great way for people to identify a song that is playing so that they can then listen to it again at a later time. The app was bought by Apple back in 2018 for a fee thought to be around $400 million. Since then, Shazam has remained available as a downloadable app but is also integrated with iOS via the Control Center.

This new update allows Shazam to correctly identify classical music and then open the piece in the Apple Music Classical app on the iPhone. There is still no Apple Music Classical app available for the iPad or Mac.

“You can now open classical songs from Shazam in the Apple Music Classical app,” the App Store release notes read. “Simply Shazam or search for a classical song, tap the menu icon on the track page and select ‘Open in Classical.'”

Don’t yet have Shazam installed? You can download it for free (opens in new tab) right now.

As for Apple Music Classical, the app was announced in March after months of rumors and expectations. It’s a tweaked version of the existing Apple Music app that is more suited to classical music and the different ways it can be recorded and enjoyed.

“Apple Music Classical is a dedicated app that is great for classical experts as well as anyone who is new to classical, with the largest classical music selection in the world, the very best search and browse capabilities, the most premium sound experience with Spatial Audio, and thousands of exclusive recordings,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats when the app was announced.

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