Apple employee group has received over 500 stories of abuse in workplace

Apple employee group #AppleToo says it has now received over 500 stories from current and former employees about issues they have experienced in the workplace.

The organizing effort, which was formed by a group of Apple employees after they felt internal efforts to resolve issues had been dried up, went public recently and started a website for employees to share their stories. Today, the group announced that they have received over 500 stories of “racism, sexism, discrimination, retaliation, bullying, sexual and other forms of harassment, and sexual assault” through its website.

The group said that almost all of the people who shared their story were okay with it being shared to the public anonymously, something that #AppleToo says it plans to begin doing on Monday.

The group began collecting stories on August 23, so it only took four days to reach over 500 responses. A day after launch, the group had received over 300 responses and said that a lot of them came from Apple Store employees. On its website, the group says that it hopes to use these stories to begin a dialogue with the company and recommend changes.

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