All hail consumer hardware (Member Post)

Three years ago, I wrote about how far Apple has strayed from its once-iconic Grid of Four product strategy:

The Grid of Four

To quickly recap, this is what Jobs and company came up with after his return to Apple and the Great Purge of many, many Macintosh models. It was so obviously simple: a user could find where they were on the grid and purchase the right machine for them.

Apple has moved way beyond this strategy, blurring the lines between consumer and professional Macs, even as notebooks have taken over the industry.

On the mobile front, there have been some clarifications over the last few years, with the resurgence of the MacBook Air and the death of the 12-inch MacBook and its one lonely USB-C port. Sure, having two models of the 13-inch MacBook Pro is still a bit awkward, but maybe that will get sorted out with time as well.

Over in Desktop Land, I think things could be shaping up to make a lot more sense than they used to, especially when it comes to the iMac.…

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